Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a GoToLiveChat account

Head to and

  1. Click on Sign Up or Try it Now button
  2. Next fill the form and hit submit button
  3. Check your email for verification and activate your account
  4. You are all set to login now

How can I add GoToLivechat to my website?

To add go to and

  1. Start by signing up for a free 14 days trial.
  2. Login and go to Embed code section
  3. Click on Copy to Clipboard – this will copy the code
  4. Place the GoToLivechat code in your website's HTML files. You can add either in the main CSS or to any page where you want to Live Chat functionality. Place the code before the
  5. Open the website page where you have placed the code to see the Live Chat Widget on the bottom right of the page

How can I customize the Chat window?

Yes the chat window is customizable. You can change color of the chat window based on your company theme or based on your own choice. You can also customize the texts used in the chat window. You can also change the Online and Offline chat buttons from the available list. Avatar can also be customized. For details visit

What kind of reports are available?

The Chat Transcript report is available which has the details of chat transcript. There is a search option available where you can search the chat transcripts with any phrase. The date search option will display the chat transcript date wise.

To view this report:

  1. Login to and go to Report section
  2. On next screen – chat transcript will be displayed

The other available reports are:

  1. Weekly/Monthly Chat Summary in graphical format
  2. Helpdesk reports

How can the I make myself Online/Ready for chat?

  1. Login to with agent's credentials
  2. On the top right corner – click on Live Chat link. A new window will open and at this point you are ready to accept the chat.

Always click on Live Chat link to make the agent online. If you are logged in but Live Chat page is not open then system will not treat you as online chat agent and you would not be able to accept the chats.

What is your refund policy?

You can cancel your account at any time, however, any remaining time will not be refunded for that month. If you are subscribed as yearly plan then starting from next month remaining amount will be refunded. You need to send an email to with the subject Issue Refund to initiate the refund. In the email mention your user id.

What are the features offered in the trail plan?

Trial Plan is similar to Advanced Plan. Basically Trail Plan has almost all the features what our website offers.

Agents and Departments:

How can I add agent?

  1. Open the in the browser
  2. Login to your account
  3. Go to Agents and Departments sections
  4. Open the Agents section
  5. Click on Add Agent button and Fill the form
  6. Once completed then click on Save Changes button

How can I add department?

  1. Open the in the browser
  2. Login to your account
  3. Go to Agents and Departments sections
  4. Open the Department section
  5. Click on Add Department button and Fill the form
  6. Once completed then click on Add Department button

How can I change the display avatar of agent?

  1. Open the in the browser
  2. Login to your account
  3. Go to Agents and Departments sections
  4. Open the Department section
  5. Click on Edit the agent
  6. Click on Change Photo
  7. Upload the photo from your system
  8. Click on Save Changes

Configuration and Personalization

How to change the Offline Settings?

  1. After login go to settings sections
  2. Go to Offline Setting
  3. Here you can either redirect the user to your website page by providing the Redirect to web page address
  4. Or you can customizes the offline form texts

Customizing the Email Chat Transcript

  1. After login go to settings sections
  2. Go to Transcript section
  3. Edit the form and save changes

Creating a trigger

  1. After login go to settings sections
  2. Go to Triggers section
  3. Click on Create Trigger button
  4. Fill the form and select the run trigger option. Here you can choose at what time the trigger should be triggered
  5. You can also specify on what conditions the trigger will be triggered. You can choose from below conditions
    1. Hour of day
    2. Day of week
    3. Geography
    4. Page URL – This is the page on which you want the trigger functionality. For example you want to create a trigger on checkout page then provide the URL of your checkout page
    5. Visitor name
    6. Visitor Email
  6. You can also choose whether you want it to be triggered immediately or after some wait time
  7. In the text block – provide the texts which you want to show once it's triggered
  8. Once completed click on the Create Trigger to save your trigger

How to create customized pre-chat questions?

Here you can create your own customized pre-chat Form to collect information from the user before staring the chat

  1. After login got to settings section
  2. Go to Form UI
  3. Click on Add Element
  4. Here you can choose the following type of input fields
    1. Text Field
    2. Drop Down Box
    3. Checkbox
    4. Radio Button
    5. Text Area
    6. Password
  5. If you want any field as required field which user must enter before starting the chat then check the required checkbox
  6. Click on Create to save the changes

Web Chat Text Settings

Here you can customize the texts used at different sections of the chat.

  1. After login go to Settings section
  2. Click on Web Chat Text
  3. There will be default values for all the texts used on this page. If you want to customize any text then Modify the text and click on Save Changes. It will take some time to reflect the changes to your chat functionality.

General Questions

Can I add gotolivechat to more than one website?

Yes you can add gotolivechat to more than one website. After Embedding the code to your website HTML page – you need to add the website in the Allow Websites section in the Settings.

What is announcement?

In the Announcement section you can create announcements for your website. These announcement t can be used for any sort of information which you want to tell to your website visitors. There are two types of announcements

  1. Text announcements – here you can specify HTML code or text using the text editor.
  2. Announcement Image – Here you can provide the image of the announcement

At the time of announcement creation you can specify for which page you want to create the announcement. The applications of it could be any promotional message to your customer or website maintenance etc.

Customizing the Theme/Chat buttons/Color

The chat button and the chat window can be customize by doing the following steps

  1. After login go to Themes section
  2. Select the Chat widget and chat the chat window color. You can select from available colors and also if you know your company's theme's color no. like #00b0f0 – you can directly input here. After making the change it can be previewed in the left hand side preview window.
  3. To change the online bar/chat button – go to Online bar tab and select from available online bar buttons
  4. To change the offline bar/chat button – go to Offline bar tab and select from available offline bar buttons

Create announcements?

  1. After login go to Settings section
  2. Go to Announcement tab
  3. Click on create Announcement
  4. Then select the announcement type
  5. Enter the website URL page on which you want to display the announcement
  6. Save the changes

Once the announcement is created then it will be displayed on the page mentioned in the page URL field.

Integrate Twitter and Facebook account with chat window

  1. After login go to Settings section
  2. Go to Social tab
  3. Enter the Twitter and Facebook page URL
  4. Save Changes

What is Referral Policy

If you refer someone and they make a purchase then you will get some referral points and you will get discount in your next billing cycle.

In order to get the referral points – the other person must purchase the subscription after clicking on your referral link.

You can get the referral link by going to Referral link from the top toolbar and then create Referral Link button

Get the link and then send your friends or share to your social networks.

Are there any helpdesk reports available?

Yes there are different help desk reports. If you want to see the summary in graphical format then

  1. Login to and go to Report section
  2. On next screen – select helpdesk tab
  3. Here the following reports summaries are available in graphical format
    1. New Ticket
    2. Open Ticket
    3. Closed Tickets
    4. Resolution Time

The download option is also available for above mentioned graphical reports

How can agent become online

In order to make the agent online so that site visitors can chat with the agent. First login and then go to LiveChat section. Another chat window will open – keep it open state. By doing this the agent will be treated as online agent. If you close this LiveChat window then the agent will be treated as offline.

Another option is to download the mobile app and login.

Helpdesk management:

How to open new ticket

  1. The new ticket can be opened in two way by agent
    1. From the helpdesk section
    2. From the chat transcript section. Go to Chat Transript detail page and there is an option to create the ticket

How to assign the ticket to other agents

  1. Go to the helpdesk section and click on the settings button.
  2. It will open a dropdown – here select the Assign button.
  3. The system will open a pop up with available agents. Select the agent and click save.

How can I close the ticket?

The ticket can be closed in two ways

  1. By clicking on mark as resolved from the settings dropdown
  2. At the time when you are replying to the ticket – you can click on reply and mark it solved. The ticket will be moved to Close section

Multiple actions on helpdesk tickets

The following actions can be performed with multiple selection

There is a checkbox at the start of each ticket. For multiple action – select the desired tikcets and system will open a pop up on the right hand side of the window. Below actions can be performed:

  1. Assign
  2. Delete
  3. Mark Favorite
  4. Mark as solved
  5. Clear selection

Account settings

Upgrade to an advanced plan

  1. After login go to the Upgrade section on top right hand side
  2. Select the advanced plan and follow the steps

Account Summary

  1. After login go to My Account on the top right corner
  2. 2. On the accounts details page – the detail will be provided regarding the account

Payment History

  1. In My Account Section – click on Payment History tab. This tab will contain the history of the payment.
  2. To view the invoice – click on the last columns "View" and the invoice will be displayed
  1. To print the invoice – click on the last columns "View" and the invoice will be displayed
  2. Here click on the PDF button to open the invoice in PDF version.
  3. The print can be taken or the invoice can be saved as a local copy