How to create Triggers – Automated Response


Triggers let’s you create automated messages for your website visitors. The chat will be started automatically based on the type of the trigger configured.

Example 1: Once the visitor is visiting your website and you want to help him on any specific page. Lets say the visitor is on checkout page. The pop up will appear in the chat box automatically, “How can I help you? Do you have any questions regarding the checkout process?. You can customize these messages.

Example 2:Lets say a visitor is on your product page for more than 30 seconds, with a Trigger you can automatically ask them, “Would you like more information about the product?”.

The big benefit of triggers is, you don’t need to sit all day on computer to wait for visitors questions. These triggers allows you to create automated messages at different event types. This will increase the chances of user interaction with you which could result in increasing the sale.

There are different types of events where you can configure the triggers:

1. When the page is loaded

2. When visitor sends first chat message

3. When the visitor has clicked on the chat widget

There are different conditions on which triggers can be configured:

1. On specific day/time

2. On any page of the website where chat is installed

3. On any Day of the week

4. On Country

There trigger can be set immediately or based on some wait in seconds.

Example: If trigger is created with 10 seconds wait time on page load. Then it will appear once the visitor has spent 10 sec on that page.

For further help, you can watch this video which explains how to create triggers in detail:



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