How to install GoToLiveChat Software on your website

Installing a live chat on your website is super easy. There is no programming background required in order to configure the live chat on your website. Simply Follow step by step process and you are good to go:

1. Sign Up on to create the account.

2. Go To Embed Code section

3. Click on “Copy to Clipboard” button to copy the code snippet

4. Login to your website hosting account and go to the page or pages where you want to install the live chat

5. Edit the page and paste the above copied code before </BODY> tag.

6. You are all set.

After completing this steps, open the webpage and you will see a chat button on the bottom right corner of the web page. You can change this button by going to Themes section in your account.

You can also add the live chat to multiple pages of your website. If you are using in CSS which is used in the pages of your website at the position mentioned above (before </body> tag), then you can simply insert the code in the CSS rather then pasting in each page. This way you need to add the code snippet at one place and all the pages where this CSS is used will have the live chat button installed.

Please watch this YouTube video if you want to see the demo on this.


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