Get birds eye view of the live chats with powerful reporting engine

GoToLiveChat provides extensive reporting tool which can be used to see the history of the chats. The reporting section has chat transcript report, help desk report, chat history analytics.

The chat transcript report has chat type, visitor name, visitor email, visitor country, message and duration of each chat. This report has 2 views, list view and detailed view. List view will show all the chat history which can be filter by date. The report can be sorted by many fields to make it easier to use.

There is free form search field which is very handy. Any search term can be used here to search with in the chat history.

To get the detailed view simply click on the line and system will open the detailed view. This view will show you complete chat history with date and time. This will also show the google map of the visitor location. From the detailed view, the help desk ticket can be created and chat transcript can be attached as attachment. There is send email functionality which can be used here to send the chat transcript via email.

The powerful feature of this report is download to excel functionality. This option can be used to download the chat transcript for offline use.

Live Chat Analytics report will show all types of chats in analytical view, based on weekly/monthly options. There is download chart functionality available as well.

Help desk analytics report shows the New, Open and Closed tickets created in given time frame like weekly and monthly basis.

For more information please watch below video to get better understanding.


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